Ai-BtcTrading: Legit Artificially Intelligent Bitcoin Trading HYIP?

Ai-BtcTrading: Legit Artificially Intelligent Bitcoin Trading HYIP?

What Is Ai-BTC Trading?

The Ai-BTC Trading platform makes a lot of claims, it’s another High Yield Investment Program. That basically means ponzi scheme. They claim that all you have to do is put in money and in just a short period of time, you’ll receive money. Unfortunately, this is likely not a secure investment as they claim it is. They also state that you can get instant payouts which is also a lie by most regards. Any site that makes the claims of easy money without any work is almost always a fraud.

How Artificially Intelligent Bitcoin Trading HYIP Works

The site claims to make help you get incredibly high investments without much money or work. They claim that they have a highly-intelligent trading bot that will help them achieve this. But unfortunately, it’s probably completely inaccurate. The reality is more likely, that against their claim that you won’t be wasting time or money, that’s exactly what will happen.

Money isn’t free, and sites like these are highly un-reliable against what they claim. In order to participate in the program, all they basically ask is that you have a desire to get rich. And let their AI trading bot do the rest. They claim that will make you the money the easy way. In reality, it’s highly likely that there is no AI in the first place and that they probably will just take your money.

The Bottom Line On Ai-BTC Trading

While the website claims that they are consistently profitable, it’s a ridiculous statement with no evidence. They talk about trading bots, but any worthwhile investor will tell you that it’s not always profitable and trading bots are the most ridiculous way a person would ever be able to get rich. The fact remains, if it was that easy – everyone would gladly pay the signup fee for the massive returns they promise.

The best traders in the world, do their research and select the right platform. They also only choose the companies that actually have transparency. Ai-BTC Trading has no transparency, there is no indication of who the founders are or where the company is hailed from. Often times, these are not even real companies at all. In fact, more often than not they’re actually fake companies that are completely untrustworthy altogether. It’s safe to make your own moves, learn the right way to trade and use an exchange or peer-2-peer network that can be trusted.

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