Azauro: Is This A Trusted MLM / HYIP Cryptocurrency Website?

Azauro: Is This A Trusted MLM / HYIP Cryptocurrency Website?

What Is Azauro?

Azauro is a private and legally licensed online investment platform offering the greatest profit from the cryptocurrency market. Their profits come from four different markets, with the greatest share coming from trading cryptocurrencies and their mining data center in Panama and Japan. The goal of the platform is to provide all their users regardless of age, experience, investment technology, or location, an opportunity to participate and earn money in the crypto market.

Azauro Revenue sources

Another important source of revenue for Azauro is the sale of electricity and hardware of cryptocurrency mining. The demand or bitcoin mining is growing and so is the demand for mining hardware and power consumption. Azauro targets the great potential in this opportunity. From 2012, the company decided to focus their wholesale electricity trading efforts on cryptocurrency mining. They built exclusive data center with top-notch equipment based on world standards to provide miners with the best mining conditions at lower cost.

To make a significant profit in the cryptocurrency community, they say you don’t need to be a financial expert. They only believe in investing, using your money. On Azauro, you can get started with as little as $5.

Getting Started With Azauro

Create an account—the process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Click on ‘Register’ button and follow the prompts.

Make your first deposit—Log into your account and click on ‘Make New Deposit.’ Follow the prompts

Generate earnings—after deposit, your investment becomes active and able to generate profit according to your chosen plan.

Request for withdrawal—simply log into your Azauro account and move to ‘Request Withdrawal’ section. Enter the amount to withdraw and the system transfers the amount instantly.

Investment Plans

Azauro offers investment plans in three levels as follows:


  • 5-1.6% hourly for 70 hours
  • $5 minimum deposit
  • $1000 maximum investment
  • Instant withdrawals


  • 2-2.85% hourly for 50 hours
  • $500 minimum investment
  • $5000 maximum investment
  • Instant withdrawals


  • 12-16% hourly for 20 hours
  • $5000 minimum deposit
  • $100,000 maximum investment
  • Instant withdrawals
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