Crypto World Evolution – Is CWE Cryptocurrency Trading Bot A Scam?

Crypto World Evolution – Is CWE Cryptocurrency Trading Bot A Scam?

Crypto World Evolution is a new company that is making ridiculous claims of being able to give users a 720% ROI from an investment of $2,000. The company works with a trading bot. And that should be the first sign that the company is a scam. They claim to be able to help anyone generate this type of profit with little to no work or experience, if this was so true – why would they share this with just anyone?

What Is Crypto World Evolution?

They created the name to attract naïve investors, but this is the only part of the company that is worth anything. Anyone with any experience in cryptocurrency or the online space already knows better then to invest with a company like this. Although they’re still relatively new and time will tell if they end up being a viable option for investors, its’ more likely that they’ll go belly up and a lot of people will lose money. They don’t give out much of any information on the company website, not enough to make them a trustworthy company at least.

After checking on the website, it’s not even clear as to who is behind the company. And when a company doesn’t disclose who’s running the show, or where they’re located – it’s more likely then not a total and complete scam. They give absolutely no information as to who they are even. The domain is registered as, and it was setup on August 16th of 2017. But there is no inclination as to who the domain belongs to.

The only was you can get into the company and invest is by way of the affiliate marketing side of the program. There is a full membership site that is said to be a way to make money, but unfortunately there is no product or service page. There really is no money for anyone to actually invest into the company. They’re tried to play smart by getting people to mine with the company by way of a $2,000 investment of bitcoin. But again, there is no real reason anyone would want to invest with the company if they’re smart.

What Is The Crypto World Evolution Compensation Plan?

The company makes promises of daily ROI on their $2,000 investment. This is a worthless claim that no one can really back up. There is also the potential for residual commissions through their affiliate program which is where they really push people to join and spend money.

Along with the initial commission you get, there is the residual commissions as well. Crypto World Evolution has a binary structure that works on a tiered level. Affiliates at the top of the level and then the two at the right and the left are on the first level. Each of the level one affiliates can sign up two more directly below them as a left and right arm of sorts. That makes 4 affiliates in total for level two and on it tiers down from there. It’s the exact setup of a traditional pyramid scheme as far as I can tell.

And at the end of each day, both of the different sides are compared against each other. The reason is for the matched volume of 15%, where the volume invested is then paid for on the weaker side of the arm. The rest of the leftover volume is passed on to the next day.

Crypto World Evolution has put a cap on the residual commission aspect of the company too. An affiliate can earn a maximum of $10,000 a day or $50,000 a week. But there is no proof or indication that anyone has actually been paid anything out yet. It’s the standard workings of a Ponzi scheme. Crypto World Evolution also makes it so that the affiliates have to meet certain criteria in order to become eligible for any of the residual commissions being paid out. And they also must get and keep at least two affiliates at the level of Pro Miner, one of the highest positions.

There is also a 3×20 matrix that is designed to pay the ROI in regard to the residual commission. Affiliates sit at the top of the 3×20 matrix and then they get as many as three more below them. An example is the top affiliate is allowed to have three more under him/her who are at level 1. It’s said to be a tiered system that can go on forever. They also pay 20% of the ROI daily, this is another sign of a scam site.

There are two levels for the recruitment commissions. The first is level 1: 15% and the second is level 2: 10%.

There are other rewards as well:

General Director –

An affiliate needs to have recruited three affiliates and each of them needs to have at least two affiliates and to have made at least $50,000 in their downline. When this happens, you get 1 share in 2% of Crypto World Evolution on a companywide investment.

National Director –

An affiliate need to recruit at least 5 affiliates and two of them need to be regional directors and all of them should have recruited at least two affiliates and to have made at least $250,000 on their downlines. For this, you get 1 share and 2% pools of their companywide investment.

International Director –

An affiliate needs to have recruited at least 8 affiliates of which, three of them are regional directors and two are national directors and all of them need to have recruited at least two people with a minimum of $500,000 in their downlines. For this, you’ll get 1 share in three 2% pools of their companywide investment.

Global Master – an affiliate need to have recruited at least 12 affiliates and three must be national directors, three international directors and all of them must have at least two recruits. There needs to be at least $1,500,000 in their downline. You’ll receive 1 share in four 2% pools of their companywide investment.

Is Crypto World Evolution CWE Trading BotA Scam?

Here’s one of the biggest problems, even when people attempt to talk to the admins, they get no response. There’s a lot of question as to whether or not the company actually exists or is just some insane scam. By all looks it’s a straight up fraud, it’s a way to get people’s Bitcoins as far as it looks.

The company has social media, but not much and definitely not enough to attract quality investors or to make them trusted. In fact, the company has been running since August of 2017. In addition, there are also few reviews on the company that even look to be real – at least none that are positive. After checking the reviews, it’s pretty obvious that they’re nothing more than a total scam site and are just making money off of the affiliates. It’s well known these days that any cryptocurrency company with an affiliate program like this is more likely then not a scam. It’s not much different then the proven Ponzi Bitconnect. You should beware if you’re considering investing in this almost guaranteed fraud company.

Crypto World Evolution Conclusion

Crypto World Evolution claims to have some type of magical trading bot that is guaranteed to make affiliates money. But in reality, there is no evidence to back this would be claim of success. The only sources that really look to have any type of ROI whatsoever is the pyramid scheme, Ponzi setup affiliates membership program.

It’s a legitimate Ponziz sceme. The funds that brand-new affiliates invest into the company are simply used to pay old affiliates. And once the recruitment freezes, something that is sure to happen, the ROI will freeze as well, and a lot of people are going to lose money.

Another aspect is that the promised ROI of 720% is downright ridiculous. There is no real way a company can keep promises like this and still succeed. And if they could, why would they share their secrets of making so much money with just anyone. A secret that could generate that much money would be guarded and kept for a very small and select group of people. It’s not a very realistic claim and is another of the red flags, indicating that Crypto World Evolution is nothing more than another Ponzi scheme to be avoided.

Lastly, at the end of the day, the owners are completely anonymous. They’re the only ones who will make any type of money. They’ll more likely than not, run off on the affiliates when things start to go south, and a lot of people will be stuck losing money. Any investors will tell you, never under any circumstances send money to anonymous people on the internet without any way of tracking it or knowing where they are. Anonymity like this is one of the biggest red flags when investing with any company. The best piece of advice I can give, stay away from Crypto World Evolution entirely.

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