Digital Note XDN ICO: Untraceable Open Cryptocurrency Token?

Digital Note XDN ICO: Untraceable Open Cryptocurrency Token?

As we all might know by now, many financial experts are predicting that cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH have the potential to become legitimate payment modes in the near future. As a result of this, a lot of future innovation is being based upon advancing platforms that enable the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of conducting daily transactions (buying a cup of coffee etc). Digital Note or XDN for short, is an all new “open cryptocurrency” that makes use of a decentralized, privacy protected blockchain platform.

Digital Note XDN ICO Features


Crypto products offer customers with the promise of complete privacy due to the fact that they are based within the blockchain. XDN makes use of modules that are coded with “untraceable, encrypted messages” that can only be deconstructed by fellow service users.

Fast & Efficient:

Though the use of a secure CPU unit, as well as an efficient ASIC resistant mining protocol, Digital Note is able to deliver fast transactions as well as smooth overall functionality.

Good Returns:

All blockchain deposits that are made come with highly lucrative interest rates.

More On Digital Note Untraceable Open Cryptocurrency Token

As mentioned earlier, DigitalNote (XDN) is a cryptocurrency, that uses a decentralized money model that is similar to that of Bitcoin. It is designed upon the “CryptoNote anonymous technology”, and as mentioned earlier, makes use of encrypted messaging to maintain the privacy of its users at all times. Owing to the fact that XDN utilizes a P2P network, no one person or company has the ability to take control of the platform.

Other Aspects To Consider

Worldwide Use:

DigitalNote provides all of its customers with instant “worldwide, privacy protected transactions”. In addition to that, all of the transfers are encrypted, and incur next to no processing fee charges.


The XDN network has the potential to empower individuals to take control of their own finances and informational data. There is no censorship and surveillance within the Digital Note network.


Ss mentioned earlier, customers have the option to lock their “DigitalNotes” into a deposit account. The rates that are currently being offered as interest can range anywhere between 0.5%-1%. However, the initial deposit is the primary factor here.

Blockchain Analysis Resistant:

None of the transactions that take place within this network can be linked or associated with any other person within the network.

Libertarian Economy:

As with all high quality payment platforms, DigitalNote distribution has been made to go through an “ASIC-resistant. Proof-of-work mining process”.

Open Source Based:

According to the official company website, XDN is a completely  decentralized “Open Source project”. It has been made available commercially through the use of an MIT license. As a result of this, anyone can use their coding to create their own currency platform, free of cost.

Future Proof:

To ensure that this currency can be maximized in its potential, it has been “future proofed” by incorporating features such as:

  • Blockchain deposits,
  • Issuance a mobile client,
  • Aliases for our @messages
  • Unique blockchain Digital ID.

How Do I Get Digital Note XDN?

There are a number of ways to procure this currency. First of all, interested customers can mine XDN if they would like to get some. Additionally, another way to extract XDN is by making a deposit. Every XDN user can deposit his/her “DigitalNotes” and be assured a certain annual return on their deposit (based on interests ranging between 0.5%-1% ). Lastly, users can go the exchange of their choice, and exchange their XDN into other currencies and vice versa. For any other details regarding this platform, customers are encouraged to get in touch with company representatives on the email address that has been provided on their “contact us” page.

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