GIFTOBIT: Learn, Earn & Receive Bitcoins For Charity/Donations?

GIFTOBIT: Learn, Earn & Receive Bitcoins For Charity/Donations?


Giftobit is a new multi-level marketing company that has been getting some negative reviews as people are questioning if it’s a scam or not. There are trends that are beneficial in this industry for new companies and others that are not so desirable. Unfortunately, the undesirable ones can cause a company to die off rather quickly.

When it comes to Giftobit, there is a trend that isn’t so desirable happening. It doesn’t provide much background into it. This immediately brings up suspicions and rightfully so, there are a lot of scams online and especially in the MLM industry. It may seem like a minor aspect and something that doesn’t need to be focused on, but it’s actually pretty major and something to take into consideration for anew startup.

Just like any other MLM, the company needs people who will invest their money into it to get started with the company. It’s a normal business practice, but something that a company should back up with solid background information and where the company was founded.

How Does GIFTOBIT Work?

Giftobit offers no information on its website. There is nothing about who the owner is or who’s running it, how and when it was founded, nothing of the sort. You can’t see any info on the site whatsoever which means you’re dealing with a completely faceless company.

If you look at the website, you can see it was registered back in 2016 – but the registration is in a private state as of now. There is literally no information on the website about the company. Unfortunately, a lack of transparency is a bad sign of a company that will likely scam people out of money.

And that’s pretty much all there is about the company. You can’t even see the names of any members. The website owners are hidden as well. You can’t really trust a site who doesn’t even have any social media founders for the company. After going through all the sites, there is literally nothing to come up with on Giftobit.

There’s not a lot that Giftobit has to bring to the table either. The company doesn’t have a product line, something that is vital to the life of a MLM. There are no products to be sold whatsoever with Giftobit. With that being the case, there’s no way to make money with the company.

Giftobit has affiliates who purchase matrix positions to start making money. They do it through the whole MLM side of the company. It’s a scammy way to run a company and a very risky investment. There’s not a lot of information on how everything works. And unfortunately, Giftobit is shady. They claim to train you about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but that’s a hot trend right now and a great way to scam people.

The Bottom Line On Giftobit

Giftobit is a classic scheme to make money, with no background and no link to who founded the company or where it’s located, it’s a better idea to stay away from them altogether.

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