Hash-X – Earn ETH, ZEC & Bitcoin Cloud Mining Crypto HYIP?

Hash-X – Earn ETH, ZEC & Bitcoin Cloud Mining Crypto HYIP?

Cloud mining is another popular way of creating coins efficiently in the crypto world. And with the prevailing trend of cryptocurrencies, there are various mining websites that you can choose to mine through. As you get to do so, however, you must first do your background analysis and discover which one is worth your time and commitment.

What Is Hash-X?

Hash-X is a firm that has created its equipment for mining various coin currencies Ethereum, SHA-256 (Bitcoin and Litecoin) and Equihashe. The service is paramount for users in their mining experience and final permanent production. According to their “About us” page, the company provides all the necessities, and the user is required to ensure sufficient supply of electricity.

However, the firm has failed to disclose their actual location. The website is scanty with minor details. Though the service is available in the US and Russia, that is not enough to show their trustworthiness.

Hash-X Features

The following are the characteristics that have been provided on their website concerning their role in the provision of cryptocurrency mining services.

  • Electricity cost- Hash-X has minimized the expenses of electricity by drastically reducing the cost of rigs
  • Easy start-up – the inception of mining for a beginner will be smooth and accessible. The firm confirms that it will take only three clicks
  • Exclusive statistics – the business offers all details on your income, account activity and expenses

According to their website, the mining company provides exclusive figures on your total earnings and production of coin currencies. The interest rates are computed by the user by calculating the amount of crypto at a service convenient for you with the appropriate algorithm.

Hash-X Statistics/Tariffs

At the time of review, Hash-X has a total number of 4,199 members with an average Bitcoin hash rate of (43 TH/s). The firm offers three different tariffs on ETH, BTC and ZEC mining. For a user, you are required to choose from the following:

Bitcoin Mining

  • 1.2 USD per 10 GH/s
  • Offers three months payback
  • An automatic pay-out in Bitcoins
  • 10 GH/s minimum hash rate
  • ASIC Miner
  • Service-0.003 USD/24h

Ethereum Mining

  • 12 USD per 1 MH/s
  • Provides five months payback
  • Mining equipment- GPU rigs
  • Minimum hash rate- 0.5 MH/s
  • Payout- Ethereum
  • Service- 0.004 USD/ 24h

ZEC Mining

  • Equipment – GPU rigs
  • Service- 0.0005 USD/24h
  • Hashrate- 10 Sol/s
  • Pays automatically in ZEC

Hash- X has failed to provide any information on their team at the website.

Is Hash-X Trustworthy?

Many firms have sprouted online in the name of providing efficient services. After harvesting enough from lazy, desperate and miss-informed individuals, the companies automatically vanish from the internet fraternity. For Hash-X, their website is scanty and does not explain sufficiently from their services, mining gigs, and professional team.

From the contacts tab, the company has only provided a simple email address (admin@hash-x.io) Is this enough for making communications and inquiries in a mining platform?

The company should have provided enough contact addresses with all phone and mobile numbers. Hash-X is a scam unless they come –out and prove their trustworthiness. The fact that they have not disclosed their physical address makes their company fake.

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