LiteMiHub: Is The Cryptocurrency Scheme A Scam?

LiteMiHub: Is The Cryptocurrency Scheme A Scam?

What Is LiteMiHub?

LiteMiHub is a cloud mining site launched on 17 October 2017, that helps you get Litcoin cryptocurrency. It is an online site that reduces the tasks required to mine from large firms. Unlike the crypto-mining firms that require massive equipment and energy, cloud mining through this platform is easy and automated, allowing anyone to take advantage with or without experience. It provides clients in different countries with capacity in their servers.

The Team Behind LiteMiHub

The founders of LITEMIHUB include the Chief Executive Officer called Oliver and the CTO, David. Others include chief of mining Jyant, mining manager, Kwan, mining engineer, Kim, and support managers Cateri and Yaroslav.

How Reliable Is The LiteMiHub?

Users of this platform create trust through long term trading relationships. Users leave feedback for others to indicate their credibility. This mutual benefit helps create a safe working environment and enables the platform to provide the required services as well as mining solutions, thus creating a viable passive income investment opportunity. They claim to have utilized intelligent technology that brings about stability and guarantees you a high rate of return on your investment. However, always take precaution before committing your funds in any investment platform.

Mechanisms Of LiteMiHub

The minimum investment requirement as of 15 November 2017 is $6. This investment or contribution will earn you 1% in a day. You have an option of increasing this amount up to $299. From $300 is the second option that earns 1.2% and can be increased up to $499. From $500 to $999 you will be earning 1.6%. This increases to 2% from $1000 to $1999. Last but not least is the fifth investment option that earns you up to 3% as long as you invest between $2000 and $4999. The highest and the last investment option is 5% per day for any cash above $4999. You can choose to try out this option with minimal amounts to confirm whether they are paying or not. Even then, it is good that you be cautious as you increase your investment.

So How Do You Get An Account With

You first create an account online, get a username and password. You’ll get a $1 bonus upon creating this account. Once the account is active, the system begins mining LiteCoin for you. You can increase the speed at which it mines and increase your earnings by adding on to your initial investment. The higher the tariff plan, the faster the system generates earnings for your investment.

LiteMiHub Affiliate Program

This platform has four levels of the affiliate program. You simply register in the system for this program and get a referral link and banners to help you spread the news. At level one, you will earn 4% of your referrals earning, this diminishes to 1% at the fourth level, where you basically earn as long as your referrals continue recruiting.

Communication With LiteMiHub

For any communication with the site, there is a ticketing system in your account. You can also contact them by sending an email to They also have a frequently asked questions section where you can get some if not most of the answers about the platform.

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